Alligator Harbor FL

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Dad Alligator Harbor
My Dad on an oyster bar in Alligator Harbor


Alligator Harbor FL is south of Tallahassee, Florida, and a straight shot down 319 to 98. Depending on the time of year the fishing can be amazing. There are Redfish, Trout, Mullet, Sailcats, and an occasional Aligator Harbor IVTarpon in the Harbor. If you like catching sharks, Alligator Harbor, FL is the place for you. I usually try not to worry about sharks, but after being circled by a sizable dorsal fin while cast netting in the Harbor I’m a bit leery of swimming in deep holes. You will catch about one shark per three fish. Though I have hung some sizable ones, they usually fall with the 3’ zone.

The variety of action at Alligator Harbor is quite amazing, in addition to the above, my son caught a gar which was quite a surprise, I had Aligator Harbor Vnever heard of gar in salt water, but the pics don’t lie. Oh and by the way, if you’re wondering where the harbor got its name, there are gators in it, sometimes BIG ones. I have a friend who makes a living dealing with nuisance gators that told me the gators that hang out in salt water tend to be a bit cantankerous as well. My cousin got the gator in the below pic not very far from Alligator Harbor.  I know it sounds like I’m not painting a pretty picture for fishing there, but it adds to experience.

Gator caught near Aligator Harbor
Gator caught near Alligator Harbor

I usually use shrimp or baitfish for bait. Live fingerling mullet is absolutely the best, but pinfish work just fine. Most of the time I can Aligator HarborIIIcatch enough of both with a cast net but if you don’t stop and pick up some shrimp on your way you can be sure there won’t be any bait fish to catch. Murphy’s Law always seems to apply if you don’t purchase a couple dozen shrimp. Just throw Murphy off if you want and pick up a dozen.

My son with two nice Redfish

Yep that is a stingray in the pic, at the end of the table, I have been told all my life that a lot of times when you eat scallops at a restaurant you’re actually Aligator HarborIIenjoying stingray wings that have been punched out by a tool that is similar to cookie cutter. Well I had to try it, and I can assure you it is delicious. I tried to fillet it which I don’t recommend unless you know how to fillet snot covered jellyfish. I have since fashioned my own cookie cutter made from a 1” pipe. Bring the stingrays on, I won’t throw them back anymore.

One last note and I know a lot of folks are going to call B.S. on this one, but I have discovered that sailcats are fine eating. Soak those fillets in buttermilk for a bit and fry them with some cornmeal and you won’t believe your taste buds.

Hope you will give Alligator Harbor FL a shot, good luck and happy fishing.

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16 thoughts on “Alligator Harbor FL”

    1. Sarah, I would recommend going to the closest bait shop where ever you are in Florida and ask their advise. So much depends on the time of year it is and what the fish patterns happen to be at the time. There really isn’t a place in Florida that you can’t have a great time fishing. Let me know next time your headed down and where in Florida your going an I will be glad to help out.

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    I live in the Northeast and the sound of alligators makes me a little nervous, but the sharks I’m pretty use to. I live on Cape Cod where the salt water fishing is plentiful and the sharks grow big.

    We do a lot of bass fishing up here , but I could go for an adventure down to Alligator Harbor!
    … and our “Bay Scallops” (about the size of a quarter) are “to die for”.

    Great site!

    1. Sounds like your no novice to fishing Joanne. I’m concerned with both sharks and gators when I’m in the water, guess your equally up the creek if you tangle with either one. I saw a movie about the sharks up there, think it was called JAWS :), when I was a kid I was worried about jumping in a swimming pool after watching that.

      Bass fishing is my favorite and that is saying a lot. There just isn’t anything quite like watching your line leave the spool when your letting them take your worm.

      My wife wants to go up your way to get some lobsters and spend some time at a bed and breakfast. Sounds like fun, God willing we will be able to do it someday.

  2. I’ve been to Florida a few times and hope to return. Definitely checking this out since I’m somewhat successful fisher and hunter. But always looking for some good advice.

    1. Negs NNAMDI, he is a purse or boots by now and scattered in freezers around the country I suspect. Once they get that big and hang around salt water they are very dangerous. Rest assured, he didn’t go to waist. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Mark Great site! One day when you are back down I would love to try and get you hooked up with a freind of mine that does Fan Boat tours. He actually runs mullet nets off of it and we catch a ton.

  4. Wow! First off I cant get over how huge that gator is. .

    I actually i used to fish a lot when I was younger and been thinking about picking it up soon. Thanks for this article id have to check out this spot someday.

  5. I’m heading to alligator point next Friday. We’re staying in a house that is about 8 house down frm the marina. Can I expect some good luck in harbor bay right across the street from the house.

    1. I’m excited for you Rob. The pictures in the post are from the other side of the Harbor (the mainland side). That is where I fish the harbor but I’m sure you will do well from your side. Do your best to get small live mullet for bait and I don’t think you can go wrong. If by chance you get access to a boat, there is a horseshoe shaped oyster bar in the middle of the harbor that is excellent fishing. You can look on google earth and you can’t miss it. Latest reports I have heard is the Redfish are running now. Also, check out my post on blue crabs, those came for Alligator Harbor as well.

    1. Live shrimp are great but I think you will find the crabs will take your bait quickly, especially if your fishing on the bottom. Don’t get me wrong, I love fishing with shrimp but when it comes to catching the big ones, I have had my best luck with fingerling mullet. You have to go with what you can get though. Try taking a small rod and reel with you as well and catch some pin fish to use as bait.

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