Best Hunting Crossbow Reviews

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So many options and choices out there for purchasing a crossbow for this years hunting season. You have researched till you have a headache. Well I did the work for you, check out the three best options depending on your price range.

Best Hunting Crossbow Reviews
SA Sports Fever $127
Barnett Jackal crossbow
Barnett Jackal $262




Barnett brotherhood crossbow
Barnett Brotherhood $408


I have compiled a complete pros and cons in this Best Hunting Crossbow Reviews post.  All three options are an excellent product for the price and have been selected from numerous competitors. Once you decide, please order below. You will find the reviews following the Amazon links.


SA Sports Fever Crossbow

SA Sports Fever Crossbow


  • Incredible price and least expensive of the three options
  • Kit includes scope, sling, four target bolts, cocking rope, and quick attach/release quiver
  • Lightweight, much lighter than more expensive/powerful crossbows
  • Reviews reflect surprising accuracy up to 25 yards
  • Well-constructed and sturdy
  • Performed beyond expectations in customer reviews


  • Recommend using the included bolts for target practice only
  • Reviews reflect the trigger lacks in smoothness
  • Low budget scope
  • Some reports of assembly difficulty

Barnett Jackal Crossbow

Barnett Jackal Crossbow


  • Package includes quick-detach quiver, bolts, and premium red dot sight
  • Shoots at 315 feet per second with 150-pound draw weight
  • Easy assembly
  • 5 year warranty
  • Customer reviews reflect accuracy up to 50 yards


  • Does not include cocking rope, a must have
  • Some reports of string issues
  • Small number of reported safety sticking issues (may be operator errors)
  • Recommend using the included bolts for target practice only

Barnett Outdoors Brotherhood

Barnett brotherhood crossbow


  • Solid crossbow
  • Easy assembly
  • Good balance between the weight and over all feel
  • 5 star rating for accuracy
  • Quiet release
  • Finger Reminders and Pass-through Fore grip
  • Package includes bolts, scope and quiver
  • Reviews reflect comparison to much more expensive crossbows


  • Does not include cocking rope, a must have
  • Small number of reviews reflect scope quality issues

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14 thoughts on “Best Hunting Crossbow Reviews”

  1. Hey Mark,

    Great review, although I would have loved to have heard your verdict on the best one!

    I have no idea about crossbows for hunting, what would you hunt with them? Is it mainly birds? Or could you kill larger animals e.g. deer as well?

    Whats the range on them? Do you have to get quite close or can you shoot from a distance to avoid spooking the animal?

    I am quite interested in this sport now, thanks!

    Freedom Weight Loss

    1. Hi Aiden, well if money were no object I would go with the Barnett Brotherhood for $408. However, for must of us money is a concern so I picked the best option for each price range.

      These crossbows are very powerful, not toys, they can easily take down a deer or hog, any of the three options are very effective for hunting.

      Range would be between 30 to 60 yards depending on the model.

      Thanks for the comment and please check in again or ask any questions you might have.

  2. Nice site sir! I was not aware of how much thought that needed to go into picking a cross bow.

    The fact that you provided pictures was a nice touch. But if you would like to add little additional leaverage to your site you might consider adding google adsence.

    When hunting, what is the best weapon of choice for the given situations like deer or bear, crossbow or gun?

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Willie.

      Strange, google adsence should have been on there, I see it now, not sure why you couldn’t see it. Actually, I’m thinking about removing it as they keep advertising things like “Dating Russian Girls” versus ads that would be applicable to my site.

      Weapon selection is largely dependent on what season it is. Bow, Muzzle loader, and Modern arms are the three basic seasons. Each state selects time frames slots for each.

  3. You’ve written a good review here for hunting crossbows. I like that you’ve given the readers an option depending on their budget. this is so important, as most reviews are just one product.Do you believe that you really get what you pay for regarding crossbows? Is it a case of, if you pay more, you’ll get a better product?

    1. Hi Todd,

      I think you reach a point where your paying for more than a human’s ability to notice. Bottom line, you want a crossbow that can deliver a bolt at lethal speed for a range between 30 to 50 yards. These will do that. Believe you reach a point of diminishing return little beyond $400.

  4. Nice reviews, I’m not allowed to own firearms at home because of anti-gun parents, and at one point, I was going to resort to getting crossbow (for some reason, anything else… a knife or a bow is nothing, but a gun makes ’em cringe). But I don’t know anything about it, so I ended up not buying it, and using a crowwbow for self defense while possible, isn’t a good idea either.

    1. Agree LakanDula, not a good idea to bring a crossbow to a gun fight. However, a crossbow is very effective against an unarmed or knife wielding intruder. If you decide to purchase a firearm for self defense later in your life, it is critical that you get training. There are many programs out there to assist you.

  5. Hey Mark

    Great website iam not a hunter myself but i can see that you have put a lot of effort into your site.You have great photos and a great description for a newbie like me.
    if i ever took on hunting like my dad did i would certainly come to your site .. Awesome work.

  6. Hey this is a really cool website with a really nice design. Really professional!

    These crossbows are really awesome and its convenient you can buy right from amazon and have it shipped right to your door. Honestly, these are all great prices. I would have thought they would have been a lot more expensive, in the thousands actually. I was surprised to see them in the hundreds.

    Thanks for the information

    1. Thanks Dylan, the prices have come way down. You will get so many opinions on what constitutes a good bow. In my opinion, you don’t have to spend a lot to get started.

  7. I have always wanted to go hunting, and I have always thought that crossbows were cool, so it looks as if this is something that I will want to look into for certain. I just don’t know anyone who would want to go with me.

    Which of the three crossbows would you recommend for a beginner? Maybe my son would want to learn with me.

    1. Either of the options would be fine for a beginner Christian, it just depends on your budget. Perhaps start with the less expensive and see how you like it. Such a great idea to get your son involved as well, I promise it will provide lasting memories.

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