Duracell 1000 flashlight

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Duracell 1000 flashlight
Duracell 1000

My Review of the Duracell 1000 flashlight.

Most of my posts so far involve activity that either starts in the day and ends up late into the night or in the case of frog gigging, takes place entirely at night. One thing you learn quickly is to have at least one of the brightest lights possible in your possession.

Check out the quick demo I did from a hand held camcorder. The tree I’m shining is approximately 90 feet away.


Recently, I was out fishing between Dog and Saint George Island, FL with family from a boat. As described above we started our trip in the day and ended up fishing into the night. This pic, by the way, is of a King fish my uncle caught on the trip. IMG950311We had not intended to stay out very late but based on the size of this fish, you can imagine the excitement got the best of us. We were fishing to the point you could not see the shore. The boat ramp was on the other side of Saint George Island and about a mile west of where we were. There was absolutely no  way we could find our way back with the naked eye. I’m happy to say the Duracell 1000 flashlight bailed us out. Using the light to see the shore and using a Mossy Oak GPS app on our smart phones did the trick. Before we found the light it was looking like we were going to have an overnight trip on the boat as there were many oyster bars and channels to navigate. We were about 75 yards from the shore on our way back and the Duracell 1000 lit up the trees on the shore. It was amazing to get this much illumination from a flashlight.

Using this light’s adjustable beam you can light up an entire area as well. It’s almost like having a lantern.

I used to take very large spot lights to shine the ditches while frog flashlightgigging. Now, I just use my flashlight and do the one arm gig technique.

I’m not saying there aren’t better lights out there built for more durability, but from my experience you would have to spend around $80 to compete with the Duracell 1000’s illumination.

In going through the reviews, the only negatives I have found involve a faulty battery cap causing the light to malfunction.  Amazon’s overall rating is 4 stars which isn’t bad. The more expensive lights only have 4 stars as well. I can say I have dropped mine in the sand and from my truck and it never skipped a beat.

For $25.88 including 4 Duracell batteries, this is my flashlight of choice, hands down.


  • 1000 Lumens
  • 4 Duracell batteries included
  • Price
  • Adjustable beam
  • Selectable Power Save (dims light to save batteries)


  • A few reported battery cap issues (I have not experienced)
  • Turning light off requires cycling power button twice, once for strobe function and again for power save mode

Thanks so much for reading my Duracell 1000 flashlight review.


12 thoughts on “Duracell 1000 flashlight”

  1. hi!
    wow that’s quite a powerful little flashlight! It seems quite durable for the price too. I am not a fisherman or a hunter but I can see how it would use useful for early morning excursions or late night trips. And that fish! Well that is one heck of an impressive one!

  2. Great review about Duracell flashlight – it does look like the best value for money, and if it does the job then why would you want to pay 100$ for fancy brands?
    Thanks Mark

  3. Wow! What a great King fish catch. Your uncle has what it takes to do fishing 🙂
    For the Duracell 1000 Flashlight, I would say it is a great one since it is durable and have dims light feature.

    Remember to invite me next time you go fishing with it!

  4. Aw man, I want that fish!!! If it weren’t for my incredible sea sickness issues I’d love to go out on a boat to fish, but sadly, I’d spend my entire time trying to hurl but not being able to….sorry, I couldn’t help myself. About the flashlight, nice one and certainly saved your trip. I’ve bought several of the small variety, off brand mostly, and none have had quite the amount of light needed for what I was using them for. Plus, this latest one I’m using, “Defiant” has 4 functions that you have to cycle through to turn it on to off. This one I might have to try out and you can’t really go wrong with Duracell. Nice review!

    1. Thanks for your comment Frank. It was a fun fish to catch, you can actually catch these from the shore as well. On the light, that cycling issue to turn flashlight on is a pain. Though the Duracell 1000 has three cycles to turn it off, it initially turns on in full light mode so that makes it a bit easier.

  5. Hey Mark, Got my Duracell at costco. Most amazing flashlight i ever owned. The batteries last a very long time, even on high beam. I enjoy your website, Larry .

    1. Thanks so much Larry. I agree on the flashlight. One thing I have noticed is the Lumen ratings on flashlights can be very misleading. I have purchased other lights that claim 1000 Lumens that don’t come close to the performance of the Duracell 1000 flashlight. Please come back again soon.

  6. I purchased the same flashlight from Costco this spring, and it is amazing the amount of light 1,000 lumens projects! Love this flashlight. Have not experienced any issues with the cap switch. Only shortcoming is the 4 hour battery life on high power, but will gladly accept the shorter life for the amazing power!

    1. Thanks for commenting M. Grinwis. It still amazes me how much the Duracell 1000 outperforms other alleged 1000 Lumen flashlights. I have purchased other lights for much more money that don’t come close. I only use the high power when I’m actively shining crabs or bullfrogs and stay with the lower power light for close up needs. By doing this I get several hours on the batteries. I still wish there was a way to remove the strobe function before powering off as well.

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