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Easy ways to make extra money

I retired last year and have loved every minute of it with the exception of occasional boredom and the need for a little extra cash.

I struggled over whether to go back to work part or full-time, but just couldn’t really stomach the thought of getting up early to fight Easy ways to make extra money_mtraffic only to sit in a small room like a sardine day after day engaging in activity my body and mind were not designed for.

What really got me in gear was filing my 2014 taxes. The state and feds ripped a new orifice in me that still hurts.

I finally said enough, I have to figure out how to earn some money when I want and how I want. Keep in mind I haven’t gotten rich but I have figured out how to get by and sowed a seed that might just turn into something down the road. This website actually is part of it.

Here is my free advice if you are in the same boat. A complete list of what I did, what worked and what didn’t work.

Online surveys

This approach easily falls in the “didn’t work” category. With one small exception, don’t waste your time. I was a survey taking fool before I figured out collected cans on the side of the road would be more productive. Now for the one small exception, GLOBALTESTMARKET, you can’t really look at this as extra income, but more of a helps out for Christmas gifts. My take on it is when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office you might as well do something productive. GLOBALTESTMARKET provides that, it doesn’t pay cash but you accrue points that you turn in for gift cards. AMAZON is one of the gift cards, so I’m just doing this during idle times and at the pace I’m going, by December it will help a lot.



This works very well. When you access craigslist go to “jobs/ETC” and also “GIGS/Labor.” You need to check these quite often because the competition is fierce. Just look through it and pick the ones you want to do. Work opportunities can entail people needing rides, stuff hauled, yard work, etc. Also, don’t be scared to try the focus groups as well. I made $125 for taking a 2-hour face-to-face survey. I did a gig as a mock juror which was actually fun and included free lunch. While you’re in craigslist always check out the free stuff in the for sale section. Every now and then you’ll find things that you can flip on Ebay.

Plasma donation

I know, it sounds gross and a bit desperate, but the thing is I’m by no means desperate. Let me ask you, if you had a choice of donating plasma twice a week or going back to a

job you didn’t enjoy, which would you pick? You can donate up to twice a week and can result in hundreds of extra dollars a month. Very close to a used truck loan right there. Just Google plasma donation in your area and you’re in.

Atkins diet

Money not spent is money earned. Starting the Atkins diet has put me in tune with nature. By that I mean this diet has made hunting and fishing a profitable undertaking. When everything falls apart (as it will) I know I’m not going to go hungry, because I’m already supporting myself with a considerable amount of what I eat. You 4046685971_7eabd6a31f_mcan’t be picky, so don’t throw back the catfish or pass up on a squirrel or rabbit.

Wealthy Affiliate

I saved the best for last. This is the seed I was talking about in the first paragraph. It is still a bit early to tell how it will all turn out but I can honestly tell you Wealth Affiliate is quite promising. Back when I was taking all those online surveys, I was desperate to find something that wasn’t a scam. I’d Google each survey to see what others said about it and came across a Wealthy Affiliate member who recommended stepping out of the box and trying your own gig. At this point I was quite jaded with the internet, but decided to try the free access. I have not regretted it since. If you want to own something with a potential to make money while having fun, this is the best approach I have found. You will be able to start your own website and be tutored on how to turn it into cash by simply focusing on something you enjoy.

Wealthy Affiliate will also teach you how to utilize affiliate sites such as FlexOffers, to earn money from your website.

I hope you will engage and post ideas on this subject and share what works for you; there are millions of folks like us out here that could use it.

Thanks for reading Easy ways to make extra money.

Good luck and God speed on your success!


12 thoughts on “Easy ways to make extra money”

  1. Great ideas! I’m already using Wealthy Affiliate and agree with you that it’s the real thing. I’m going to check out Craigs List to see if I can help somebody out and make a few dollars doing it. Great site by the way!

    1. Thanks Daleko, the craigslist gigs has helped me out a lot. Make sure you look in cities near your area as well. That is where you can score the focus group gigs.

      Good luck

  2. I gotta check out Craig’s list too but have been worried about scams on that site as well. Have you responded to one of small jobs on the site? I had a buddy years back that for whatever reason would pickup road kill and bring it back to our office to cook it, rabbits, squirrels, deer. He didn’t know how long they had been dead, but seemed like he didn’t care. I can tell you now I’m NOT doing that!!!!

    1. Hi there forcefield, yea I have done a few small jobs on craigslist. Don’t think I will do anymore furniture moving gigs though as I’m getting a bit old for that. $15 an hour to move furniture just isn’t in my future. I like the gigs that pay x amount to get the job done.

      Ha, well I have to admit I’ve done the road kill action before but I witnessed the deers being hit. Actually though, I saw on a survivor man show that as long as you cook it very well, there is no danger.

  3. Going along with the free items on craigs list and also money not spent is money earned, there is a site called freecyle. You put in your area and they add you to a group. Anytime we are about to make a big purchase I put a request for that item on that site. I have managed to save at least a few hundred because of that site! Going to check out globaltestmarket 🙂

  4. A good way to make a few extra dollars.
    Me and wife started out doing a painting job for a friend. After deciding we could make a little money on the side of our regular jobs. We decided to advertise on a local website. A few jobs came in and then more. We had to finally get a business license because we made more than the law allows without one.lol. We get extra work on a steady base. We have steady clientele and a good reputation. If you bargain shop on craigslist for equipment or lsn you can get started cheap. Also learn the going rate for pricing jobs will help you not to go to high or low when you bid jobs.

    1. Thanks for the tips David, sounds like building a good reputation goes a long ways in getting future business. You just have to do a good job for folks a couple times and word gets out. So glad to hear things are working out for y’all.

  5. Hi!
    I joined WA two months ago and now I have 3 websites indexed by Google and a very interesting future ahead.
    So, my advice for those who have their honest doubts:
    Don’t waste any more time, make the Free Account and decide after.
    Great post and I wish you a great day Mark.

    1. Thanks Doru, I have had no regrets in joining Wealthy Affiliate as well. Started with the free account and was sold on it within a week. I have since joined the annual membership.

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