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Anyone that has developed a love for fishing knows what a wonderful reset of you’re brain, heart and soul it is.  Fishing for the soul is better than any medication you could take. I’m in the process of trying to sell a house, live off of a tight budget, involved in a recent auto accident (no one was hurt), and trying to help friends going through difficult times. It started to get stressful and I ran to what I knew I needed to do,  GO FISHING!!

You can click on the image above for a video of my trip. Only caught three fish, but to be honest it wouldn’t have mattered if I hadn’t caught a thing. I talked with God almost the entire time. It was a master reset, I walked back to my rental truck (my truck is in the body shop) with a new spring in my step. Come to find out my perceived problems weren’t an issue after all. The house hasn’t sold yet for a good reason, there is a purpose for me being here, just don’t know what it is yet. The accident is 100 percent covered by insurance, no biggie. The budget is what it is, I’m not hungry and the bills are getting paid. We all go through difficult times, God has placed me where I can help my friends, what a blessing.

And as if God was saying its all okay, I walked up on this fine feathered friend. Was able to watch and record him for quite some time. Sorry for the video quality, I’m still learning and don’t have a go-pro recorder. Thanks Uncle Larry and Aunt GG for the hand held recorder. Couldn’t have done this post without it.

So, if your stressed and you might not even know you are, stop what your doing. Grab a rod and reel and go to the closest body of water near you. Sit down and take your time, look around and see what the real world looks like. It’s not facebook, twitter, or the internet which accounts for some of my stress. We tend to live in an artificial bubble that our body and soul were not designed for. Take my advise and break out of the bubble as often as you can. God bless you and please let me know how fishing has helped you.



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  1. Mark,
    Getting away fishing when you can be alone is the best fishing. I do not care if the fish do not bite either.
    Many times I go to my dads and fish in the pond out back. It seems the bluegill always bite to take my mind off of the problems of the world.
    Getting the johnboat out and just floating around the pond is just as relaxing. Caught an eight pound catfish on four pound line and thought it was a whale.
    Don’t need a license or anyone to tell me what I can catch. Just a great peaceful getaway.
    This is fishing for the soul.

  2. I’ve never been much of a fisherman, but I have been pretty stressed out lately. Too many things to do in an already busy world.

    After reading your article, I think I might take up fishing again. Get back to nature and find a place of peace and relaxation. A place to let go of the stresses of everyday life and just renew and refresh.

    Thank you for writing this, it really made me stop and think about all of the things that I am doing to create stress and the things I should be doing to relieve it.

    1. Your very welcome Jim. I have found the simple short trips near the house are the best. No sense planning for every detail, all we really need is a rod and reel and tackle box.

      Please let me know how it goes, I promise you will feel the stress just melt away out there. I recently added a post with videos of a quick fishing trip in a creek near my house. I think you would enjoy it.

  3. My wife and I took a trip to your alligator harbor and found a tiny beach on the north shore. A good onshore breeze kept the bugs off and in just a few minutes , she hung a 25 inch red fish. Even without the fish it would have been an awesome trip because of the beauty of the place and the sharing of it with my wife.

    1. So great to hear John. I think I know the spot where your talking about. I’ve been wanting to hit that spot myself. What were you using for bait? I heard live shrimp have been getting difficult to come by lately. Thanks so much for your post and so glad you and your wife had a good time.

  4. man i love it, I think you’re totally right, people say we’re moving into some artifical wasteland, but it is kind of already here, but it’s proof that you can still have the best of both world with balance. I think if more people realized going fishing or even hiking or something was so beneficial to their overall peace, more people would be taking part in those activities.. in turn we’d probably see less side effects from these things.

    1. Excellent point!! Perhaps if folks would get outside more and loose the remotes, laptops, and cellphones now and then some of the country’s madness would come to an end. If I didn’t take the time to clear my head I am sure I would develop an eye twitch and get cranky as well.

      There are a lot of answers out there, we just have to slow down and look for them. God bless and please come back when you get a chance.

  5. Oh Lordy…. I remember me and my Mum and brother going fishing with my father (who it turned out knew nothing about it) and the weights kept getting stuck in between stones in the river bed and my father getting angry and stamping about and swearing and ruining it for everyone. My brother was 8 at the time. I was 17. We were looking forward to a nice relaxing family day out in the sun beside the river. Whether or not we caught fish was irrelevant. But my father still ruined it. You have the right approach. Go out there with the idea that you may or may not catch anything and just enjoy the time spent doing it 🙂 What’s the problem with that?

    1. Sorry you had a bad experience while fishing Jyl. Please give it another try in a relaxed environment, I promise its pure medicine. River fishing can be a bit more of a challenge but still fun. I recommend finding a lake or the ocean until you get the hang of it. Surf fishing would be an excellent way to kick back, relax, and enjoy the day. Please let me know if you ever want to give it a try and need some advise.

  6. Yes indeed Ana, just so happens that when I’m fishing or hunting I don’t have all the distractions that take my focus on God away. Plus, I’m out there in his creation, just like he made it, hard not to get in the right frame of mind when you see in front of you what a wonderful God we serve.

  7. Hi Mark, really loved this post even though I never went fishing, but I believe it’s the message here that is important. It’s important to take a moment to step back and breathe through all the problems that life throws back at you. For you that moment happens when you’re fishing, for me when I take a moment to ask for God’s guidance and help. It always comes!

    1. Yes indeed Ana, just so happens that when I’m fishing or hunting I don’t have all the distractions that take my focus on God away. Plus, I’m out there in his creation, just like he made it, hard not to get in the right frame of mind when you see in front of you what a wonderful God we worship.

  8. Hi Mark,
    Good posting by the way. Everybody needs a cool time from all the stresses. Fishing is a good option that I once and a while enjoy.
    It releases all the stress, especially when you get the first catch. All the excitement will make you forget your problems.
    Plus you then have the fresh fish to eat.

    1. Ah yes Saiful, truly fresh fish just can’t be beat. One of my fondest memories as a child is camping on Islands off the coast of Florida and eating fish within an hour after catching them. So good and we would catch scallops as well. I could go for another weekend of fresh fish and scallops again.

      Hope you get a chance to go fishing again soon. God bless.

  9. I was never interested in going fishing. I always thought it would be boring just sitting there waiting for the fish to bite. But then the children were getting older and wanted to go fishing. So I finally went fishing with my husband and the kids. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed myself. I didn’t mind at all just sitting there. I found it to be very relaxing, from then on I knew why people loved to go fishing. It is so peaceful and relaxing.


    1. I certainly agree linda and so glad you gave it a try. I can honestly say I have never had a bad day of fishing in my life. I remember fishing way out at Tennessee reef in the Florida keys when I was kid, the boat would not crank and we were stuck out there overnight. Still loved it and is one of the most memorable trips for me.

      Hope you have many enjoyable fishing trips in the future.

  10. Really nice site and everything was laid out in a professional manner. However, if I hadn’t seen the word video by chance when I was skimming through your article I would have never even clicked on it. Use a different heading to illustrate your video better. The video was great and you should push that in your article.

  11. Hi Mark,

    This is a great article, I really enjoyed reading it!

    My husband use to be an avid fisherman and had a boat he trolled with. Today he still goes fishing but with simple fishing rods. My children and I always accompanied him when he went fishing. I did not understand why he always wanted to go fishing alone until I read your article . Now I understand that being alone while fishing is like doing meditation . Great!

    Next time I’ll tell my children to come with me to eat an ice cream while dad is fishing:)

    Thank you for this awesome blog

    1. Daniella,

      That is very understanding of you. I would be willing to bet your husband loves both fishing alone as well as having his family with him. Its hard to explain but, sometimes we crave the solitude while fishing. I believe it is primal to some degree. If he has a lot on his mind and under stress, that’s when his motive for going fishing most likely is to get away by himself.

      Thanks so much for your comment and please come back soon.

      God bless you and your family.

  12. Good article. I love fishing, but must disagree on one thing though. I hate it when I don’t catch anything lol. I really don’t have the patience for fresh water fishing, but love salt water fishing. I’m not talking about going out on a boat and catching big fish. I like going to a pier or out on the shore.

    1. Thanks for your comment and kind words Andres. Give fresh water fishing a try again, try several approaches at the same time to increase your chances. Maybe fish with both live bait and well as artificial. Bet you will be surprised with the results. Must say though, I love pier fishing as well.

  13. Hi Mark, Your post reminded me to start fishing again, I use to go fishing several years back, but some how life took over and I stopped going, I am not even sure where my fishing tackle is.

    It does not matter whether you catch a fish or not, just sitting by the water with just the sounds of nature and your own thoughts has a certain kind of magic, now where is my fishing gear ..


    1. So good to hear Rob and I hope you get out there soon and have a great time brother.

      Best of luck and would love to hear how you do. I agree, no way to go wrong, peace and quite make the trip worth the while.


  14. Mark,

    What a breath of fresh air!

    I don’t fish nearly as much as I’d like but I have some very fond memories. My first fishing memory was when I was about 8 and my grandfather took me.

    My best story was catching a 275 pound Marlin in Mexico.

    There is an Andy and Opie (Andy Griffith) feel to your site.

    I love your header image. Your down-home writing and attitude comes through loud and clear.

    Best wishes.


    1. Well thanks Bob. I really need to get back at it but have several irons in the fire right now. Please come back again soon. Hope to get new material on the site ASAP.

      God bless you brother and thanks again for stopping by and the kind words.

  15. Hi Mark,

    I enjoyed your site. If I had a criticism is that your theme is about hunting and fishing, then it goes to making money online, with the atkins diet in there. That area seemed to bounce around a bit. Other than that, great job on the site, it shows you put alot of work into it


    1. Well thanks for the constructive criticism Frank, always looking for good advice. Take care and please come back soon.

  16. Mr. Williams,
    Great website! I’ve enjoyed it so much I’m about an hour behind the time I wanted to go out fishing. This “fishing for the soul” page is a especially nice touch, I’m currently going through a rough patch in life, but when I can take my 3 lil kiddos and wife or go out fishing by myself it always makes it a little better. I to spend time in prayer and regardless of the catch its always a good day on the water. Thank you for the encouragement.


  17. Hi Mark,

    I loved the memories that this brought back of fishing with my father. You’re so right, when you’re out there in nature all your problems blow away for a while and when you get back to them, there’s often a new perspective.

    Thanks for writing your piece, I enjoyed it a lot.

    1. Oh yea Robert, they are great memories. I learned a lot during my youthful years while fishing with my dad as well. Namely, dad could avert a lot of natural consequences I was destined to experience if I would just heed his advise.

      Thanks so much for visiting my site.

  18. Nice post, and nice website! I’m not a fishing or hunting dude, but I am an “outdoorsy” type person. My friend is into fishing and hunting, and he’d like your website, he’d find your information very interesting. I could never imagine myself fishing, I’d just simply not have the patience.

    1. Give it a try LakanDula, if patience is something you need to work on, fishing is a perfect way to learn it. Much like in life, the reward for patience is that tug on your line.

  19. Hey Mark! I love fishing to! Was in the norwegian wilderness a couple of weeks back on a fishing trip alone. Sat up a camp near a beautiful and quiet lake. Hearing the water drippling and song of the wilderness is meditation for me. I did not get any fish, but it was a memorable trip anyways. Hope to do that again!

    1. I know exactly how you feel Martin. I lived in Oslo for four years and fished a lot while there. The beauty there is simply amazing. I remember getting my favorite lure hung and just couldn’t bring myself to break the line. The thought crossed my mind that there was no one around and I could jump in and free it in my birthday suite. Well, what I found out is that Norwegian water in August is colder than Florida water in January. I was lucky to get back out alive but I got my lure.

  20. Growing up in Las Vegas, I was never able to go fishing, but I’ve recently moved and this page and your story made it sound like such a stress relieving and beautiful thing. So much has been happening throughout life, that I think I’m going to take your word for it and give fishing a try. Hopefully it’ll work as well for me as it did for. I also love how simplistic and aesthetically pleasing your site is. I hope things go well, and I wish you luck.

    1. Ahh thanks Tempest. I sure hope you do give it a try, I hear you on things happening in life. Time to yourself will certainly help to put things in proper perspective.

  21. That is definitely a beautiful message. I couldn’t agree more. I recently took a trip to the lake to just relax and hit the reset button. Life can be really stressful and overwhelming, but if you take some time to get a look at it from a different perspective you will realize that its not so bad. More people should escape from the rat race into nature!

    1. Thanks David. I couldn’t agree more, our bodies and minds were not created for the artificial environment we live in.

  22. Hi Mark, I left a comment for you which pretty much this. I used to fish every weekend with my brother. Even the odd week night was spent on the river bank. Haven`t been out in a couple three years now. You brought back a few good memories.

    The only thing I thought it that it might be a little shy in text (content). Other than that it looks great. A little shaky on the camera but got er figured out. Great Message.


    1. Thanks Jim, so glad your going to get back out there.

      Yea, I need to work on the camera a bit…still learning.

      Good luck fishing,


  23. Hi Mark, I used to fish every weekend with my brother. Even the odd week night was spent on the river bank. Haven`t been out in a couple three years now. You brought back a few good memories for me though, thank you.


  24. Hi

    Great Post

    Fishing is a perfect way to relax and forget about things.

    My buddies and i actually go fishing in the evenings and relax and have a few beers as we live right next to the local river. We normally don’t catch much but we always have mini competitions on who can catch the most fish.

    I appreciate your website and I am glad I stumbled across it.


    1. Thanks Chris. I often have the same experience in not catching much while fishing but I can honestly say I have never said I wish I had stayed home.

      Keep your line wet brother.

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