Fishing Potomac River Maryland

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Fishing Potomac River Maryland

Fishing Potomac River Maryland

Headed down the c&o canal tow path to get as far away from people and park police as possible. I had already found a great spot where an island split the river and we are on our way.  The spot was about a mile from the nearest parking so bikes were in order.

Earlier in the day I had punched holes in canned dog food and put them in an old mesh bag that was tied to the shore to pull the catfish in. The fishing was fun and we did catch a few cats but it was all about getting away where you can hear yourself think and catch up with old good friends.


A fire is a must when you’re cat-fishing at night. It cuts back on the mosquitoes and provides light to bait your hook. Plus, there is just something about a fire that can’t be explained, it puts you right with the world.  The only thing missing was a red bone hound running around. Man, looking at this picture I can honestly say the Atkins diet works well. That’s me in the blue shirt about 22lbs heavier than I am now.

A good tip for a rod holder is to cut a piece of PVC pipe diagonally at one end to create a sharp point. Just drive it in the ground, set your drag, and wait.


If you’re going to have a cigar while you’re fishing, I highly recommend not forgetting a lighter or matches.

Hope to see y’all out there one night, give it a try, you will love it. You just have to make the time. Thanks for reading this Fishing Potomac River Maryland post.


16 thoughts on “Fishing Potomac River Maryland”

  1. Hey Mark! I regret that my father didn’t persist when I resisted fishing as a youngster…what did I know? These days I guess it a crime to say kids are stupid, but since I was a kid and I was stupid, I still think it applies. It looks like great fun! Tell me, how did you get the light to shine under your buddy’s butt as he was lighting the cigar…great photography!!!
    Papa Dave (Franzwell)

    1. Ha, I didn’t notice the light till you just brought it up. Can’t wait to tell him to check it out. Kind of looks like he farted a lighting bug. Don’t be to hard on yourself Papa Dave, plenty of time to enjoy fishing with the ones you love.

  2. Great article as I have never been on the east coast and do not fish a ton, and just reading through it helped me see a idea that I wanted to try.

    The trick of punching holes in canned dog food and putting them in an old mesh bag to pull the catfish in i have never heard of this.
    I have never really ate catfish I am assuming you have to deep fry it or something. well I enjoyed the article and it seems to have a real personalized touch as you are using your own pictures of the journey.

    Great Article

    1. Thanks Brandon, give catfish a try. If you catch them yourself try soaking them in buttermilk for a few hours then coat them in cornmeal and deep fry. You will love it.

  3. I want to go fishing. I lived not to far from the Potomac and didn’t have a clue how to go about fishing it. The pics definitely make it look like it was a blast!

  4. Hey Mark, I personally have never went fishing before but I always wanted to. This post right here has reminded me why I wanted to in the first place. It definitely sounds like a nice, relaxing experience.

  5. Thanks a bunch Mark for sharing this post. I know you guys know how to have a good time. Fishing is my main interest in any sport. Checking out your pic’s takes me back to the good old days of just get away for some fun. Got some good feeling remembering those days. Enjoyed my visit and have bookmarked for some more of your great time posts. Keep em coming. Positives and thanks again, Chris

  6. Hello Mark:

    The images on your site are relaxing and shows good fun. It captures interest to visitors. The content is informative and provides an atmosphere for enjoyment. The incorporation of the kids depict family time together and that’s just priceless. A truly beautiful site reflecting family values, good fun & relaxed, easy living. Good job!

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