Hunting and Fishing Facts

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Some interesting Hunting and Fishing Facts,

With increasing taxes and the cost of permits on the rise, it appears hunters and anglers are being taken advantage of.

Hunting and Fishing Facts

The vast majority of people that hunt and fish are blue collar workers and have carried the burden of wildlife conservation on their backs for years. Over regulation of these sports has reached an apex as well, causing many to just give up. I wonder, is that the ultimate goal of the regulators?

Swamp Honky IV


  • Since 1939, Americans have paid approximately $5.6 Billion for wildlife conservation through excise taxes on firearms, ammunition and archery gear.
  • Hunters and anglers support more jobs nationwide than the number of people employed by Walmart.
  • More Americans are killed in accidents involving vending machines than gun accidents.
  • On average, an angler spends $1,046 every year on the sport and hunters spend $1,638 hunting.
  • Through license sales and excise taxes on equipment, hunters and anglers pay for most fish and wildlife conservation programs.
  • Anglers and boaters have paid $3.6 Billion in excise taxes since 1952.
  • In 2009 alone, nearly $1.4 Billion was paid by hunters and anglers in license fees.
  • If sport fishing were a corporation, it would rank 51 on the Fortune 500 list.
  • If U.S. hunters were a military, they would represent a force of over 30 Million. China’s entire military force (largest in the world) is 7 Million.

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c&o canalThe folks in these pics are just trying to have a good time doing what they love. Are they paying too much and are they over regulated? Would love to hear your opinion

Gator caught near Aligator Harbor

whether you agree or disagree. Try hard to keep it civil, but lay it all out there and don’t hold back. I will edit out any profanity. Please share this Hunting and Fishing Facts post on your social sites as well. Thanks for reading.


38 thoughts on “Hunting and Fishing Facts”

  1. It’s a scary deal, especially for our kids, primarily due to access to hunting and fishing locations where you don’t have to have a membership with exorbitant rates. I couldn’t even take my kids where my dad and I hunted due to the land being sold and the owner setting up a hunt club which charges $2k per person! Fishing is an entirely other story with out of state licenses too costly for an average family to obtain. It would be nice on our travels across states to fish at streams/ponds, but at the risk of “being illegal” we do not due to the cost of the license.
    Very nice article you wrote with some eye opening facts!!!

    1. I agree Frank, in state is bad enough but out of state license is just out of reach. Guess the future holds for only the rich being able to hunt and fish, legally anyway.

    1. Man after my heart. I have long said that if I am hungry and have no means to purchase food, license or no license, I am going to eat. Thanks so much for your post Roger.

  2. Hey Mark, Interesting stats I’m so lucky as a native New Zealand Maori I’m still able to walk the hunting trails of my ancestors. Maoris have been hunting white mans law since the 1800’s and it appears to be working still. Currently its freezing in NZ and the chilly snap has the Red Deer mating. I guess you already know the sound of those fellows ROARING up a mate or fight.. great post Mark, informative and very interesting. Look forward to your updates. Cheers Nui.

    1. Nice to hear from a kindred spirit on the other side of the world Nui. I would love to visit New Zealand one day, what a beautiful place. We don’t have Red Deer out my way, kind of sounds like what we would call an elk. I live in the eastern U.S., no elks but lots of white tail deer. Good luck with the Red Deer hunting and enjoying God’s beautiful New Zealand creation.

  3. I am a victim of the fees and expenses. I just can’t afford to hunt or fish. I am disappointed that I haven’t been able to pass the love of those activities onto my kids. But it has just gotten too expensive.

    1. That just burns me Dan, I hate to hear it. I notice you never see politicians running on a platform to lower the cost of hunting and fishing. That is why I say we are being taken advantage of. The wealthy don’t care, heck they probably like it as its makes for more room for them. Not that I have anything against people of wealth, heck I would like to be one of them. You’re a living example of the consequences of an overreaching, greedy government.

  4. I guess we all just need to start purchasing lifetime licenses for our children while they are four or younger in hopes that they love the outdoors and use it when they are older.

    1. Not a bad idea if you have the funds available Amy. Certainly a good step in saving money in the long run. Wish there was a way to shield them from the taxes, hunting stamps, etc. as well. Thanks so much for your comment.

  5. State of Virginia says all all money spent on licensing goes to maintaining state fisheries and such. When I go to any local reservoir and fish, I pay $2.00 to launch and $3.00 to fish. My girlfriend pays $3.00 to fish. We have already paid $23.00 each for freshwater fishing licences. I bought my own Jon Boat. They aren’t going to hook me on boat rental fees! Iv’e never been trout fishing. never will. Licence for that is $23.00. Want to add Saltwater? $40.00. Glad I don’t hunt.

    1. Thanks Joe M., you bring up charges I didn’t even think of, I would love to see what Americans pay in these launch fees and such. Heck, there is a reservoir here near me that you have to pay extra to bass fish. I either do it anyway by going through the woods or just go somewhere else. What percentage of licensing fees actually goes to fisheries that benefit anglers? I would be willing to bet it is around 15 percent. The rest goes to purchasing new vehicles for the protection officers that give us citations for having one bluegill over the limit. We are having to pay multiple times for things like boat ramps through taxes, license fees, and again to actually use them.

  6. Like so many other activities the government has decided to take control of and tax and regulate, there is a tremendous amount of waste and graft attached . We need to find a way to restrict government to the responsibilities assigned to it by the constitution.

    1. Amen!!! I wonder what it would take at this point to get our government back to its original design. Not sure we are provided candidates to vote for that would actually even try it. The song and dance we are expose to each election year is getting very old.

  7. Your points are valid and an eye opener. Wanted to share the Florida FWC truly turned my opinion around to positive after returning to live a few years ago. Also our USCG. They are kind, polite, helpful (check our their FB) and always willing to help. The lifetime permit that became an option last year is fantastic I think. However the Gator permits and “lottos” are ridiculous. In many states the one time or annual fee just to drive through the gate of a state park has become insanely prohibitive to any other than wealthy (which by the way I find it humorous to see big money RVs parked like a parking lot in them for a “get away”??!!)

    1. Glad to hear you had a positive experience with the FWC Marrissa. I would personally agree regarding the USCG, they have helped me in the past as well. Cost associated with Gator hunting is shocking considering the overpopulation right now. You can shine a light over just about any body of water in Florida now and orange reflections are everywhere. Yea, a “get away” for me is getting away from crowds and people as well.

  8. Love this site. Thanks for sharing. I live in the uk and good places to fish are something that you have to find yourself. It has always been this way. There is a magazine called the angling times, but it is based on what was caught and how it was caught but there is no mention of ‘where’ it was caught. Do you think you will be able to find a way of expanding your site to include other countries?

    1. Thanks Doug and I would love to expand the site to include other countries. That is a great idea and guess the UK is a good place to start. Not sure what the regulations are like there but heck, where there is water there is fish catch.

  9. Wow, some of those numbers really surprised me!

    When I was a child growing I had opportunities to go fishing and tag along on an occasional hunting expedition. It was so simple in those days, and I just assumed one day I would do it again with my own children.

    But now things have changed as you mentioned. For me it used to be about just going out there, keeping things to the bare essentials, the patience while waiting for a fish to bite, etc. But everything’s regulated now and you have to comply with regulations and paperwork – ironically, the exact things that I want to escape from when going out in nature!

    1. Wow Wally, so true, you have struck a chord with me. When I get away to go hunting and fishing I typically just want to be left alone. Just kick back in God’s creation and clear my mind of this hectic world. But instead I have to worry if my hooks are legal for the area or Lord forbid I don’t have my florescent orange cap on while hunting. If you get a chance, check out my post “Sitting in a tree”, a true story of my experience gone bad while hunting.

  10. Website looks really awesome. It’s very informative. I have always enjoyed hunting and fishing since I was a youngster and you’re right, the prices just keep going up. you have a lot of good information on here and it is very well laid out and the graphics are amazing. You have done really well setting up this site to be informative, fun and attractive.

    1. Thanks so much Pennie Dae. It has been a lot of fun and I truly appreciate your visit and kind words. Please come back soon as I hope to add several more post in the next few days.

  11. This was a differently laid out site to many, At first I did not like the black backdrop, but found that it worked ok after looking through the pages. A good mix of short and long posts gives a bit of variety. The ways to make money page was an interesting diversion on what I thought was a well thought out site.

    1. Thanks Alan. It still has a lot of work to do and hoping to learn how to change the layout a bit without causing problems. Sure wish it was as easy as changing page names and moving post I want under them. Once I get it figured out I will let you know.

  12. Hi, Mark. Thanks for a great article. The feds sure don’t want people to know how they are (mis)managing Our fish and wildlife. Then they charge us an arm and a leg for the privilege. The amount we have to pay in license fees and other taxes is ridiculous. I live on a fixed income and cannot go out and enjoy all the things (hunting deer, elk, birds, fishing, etc.) I love to do. Now I have to limit my choices to what I can afford. Oh, the good old days when you could hunt and fish year round with no worries. Thanks for sharing those stats too.

    1. Your sure welcome Rick and thanks for checking out the site. Poor management of funds received from hunters and anglers is a big problem. So little of it actually goes towards conservation. So much of the funding goes towards regulation enforcement which often leads to what feels like harassment.

      I too have limited funds so its either don’t get caught or limit what I do. Guess life is full of choices like that.

      Take care and please come back soon.

  13. Hi Mark,
    I know it is frustrating to see all these regulation, but all the fisher and hunter that are following the rule pays for the minority that doesn’t. It is like that in everything. If we want our kids and grand kids to be able to enjoys the same quality of hunting and fishing we need to protect it whatever the cost. If some people think that the solution is to fish and hunt illegally than it will be even worst.

    1. Thanks for commenting Phil. I agree that common since rules should apply for hunting the fishing. Actually I’m not aware of anyone that doesn’t.

      The problem is, the pendulum has swung so far in the over regulation and cost direction that people, like me, get a belly full to the point where we just follow the common since rules.

      You could argue that if everyone just followed their own rules anarchy would break out in the world of hunting and fishing. That is why it is so important to reign in the over regulations and cost. Limited rules that make sense are easy to respect and follow.

      God bless you brother and hope you get a chance to wet a line soon.

  14. This was an informative and extremely detailed post. There are so many websites about hunting but you provide a uniqueness to it that is very intriguing. the more websites I see the more I realize this world has a lot to offer. Thanks for your article because you have provided some real insight. Keep up the good work and I hope you’re successful.

    1. Thanks so much Marc. I was a bit surprised by some of the numbers myself when I researched for this post. I am so glad you found it to be informative and truly appreciate you checking it out. Please keep coming back. God bless.

  15. Hunting is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. It’s not as easy living in a city like Los Angeles. I tried to fish, hah utter failure. Your facts are very interesting considering the stats of our economy and the allocation of our budget. I wonder what would be the reason for the increased taxes. Seems like a ploy of sorts to suppress gun ownership (at least from a hunter’s point of view).

    1. Plan a trip outside of the city Wil, you will be amazed what it will do for you. Success at fishing takes time, a quick shortcut would be to talk with someone at a local bait. That will jump start the process considerably.

      The tax increases are a big concern, I just wish more of the money went towards meaningful conservation.

      God bless brother.

  16. Great post! I am not a hunter, but I am very big into fishing. I found the fact, “If U.S. hunters were a military, they would represent a force of over 30 Million. China’s entire military force (largest in the world) is 7 Million.” so interesting. That’s crazy! lol

    but overall there’s some really helpful information here, and these numbers really make you think. Thanks for the article, man!

    1. My pleasure Koda. Some of the numbers surprised me as well but it sure makes me proud to be an American.

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