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Skeeter Bug Spray

Best Skeeter Bug Spray

Don’t know about y’all, but I can’t stand mosquitoes and sand gnats, aka no see ums. I’ll start a fire when the temp is 90 degrees and sit in the smoke just to get some relief.  What really sucks is rubbing on repellent that has the consistency of peanut oil on your sandy, sweaty skin.

I’ve yet to find a product that holds up to my expectations, though in my experience, if it doesn’t have Deet is effectiveness is very limited. I’ve never had a reaction to Deet so if the bottle or can doesn’t indicate Deet as an ingredient I don’t buy it. Will let the rest of y’all test the natural stuff and tell me what may work.mosquito

With that said, my favorite Skeeter Bug Spray is OFF family care. Mostly because It goes on dry so you don’t get the greasy affect during application. It is as effective as any repellent I have ever used for the first hour. Guess the side affect of going on dry is it doesn’t last as long. That’s ok with me, I keep the can near by and once an hour application is worth not rubbing grease on.  Off family care has 15% Deet.

One thing I have learned researching bug sprays is that Deet’s effectiveness kind of peaks at 10%. So the difference between 10 and 90% Deet is minimal.

OFF family care can leave a white powder on you cloths but if you’re like me, who cares? It doesn’t stain and most of the time you can just rub it off.

My final take is, Off family care is a Skeeter Bug Spray that works as well as anything else I have used and you don’t dread spraying it on. Actually, because I don’t mind applying it, I do so more often which makes it more effective.

Please let me know if you have found the repellent silver bullet. I will try it  and if it works better, I will replace my recommendation for Off family care in a heart beat.


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  1. Hello! Yes, I agree with you, mosquitos are annoying. And if you’re going to be outside they are a problem you are going to have to deal with. Your suggestion for bug spray sounds good. But am I wrong but is DEET good for you? I don’t think it is. I have kids so I worry about these things. I have bought a natural bug spray and I think it works quite well. The stuff that I use is BabyGanics Shoo Fly Bee. Like I said I have kids so this is a kid friendly product that your readers should consider.

    1. Thanks Melanie, some folks have a reaction to DEET but fortunately I’m not one of them. I have tried several “natural” repellents and all of them have had marginal effects. DEET has always performed best for me and I have always reasoned the risks surrounding diseases from blood suckers outweighs any concerns about DEET. Also, this brand is only 15 percent DEET but still works very well.

  2. My grandfather always called mosquitoes “skeeters”. I miss him greatly. He never liked the Off brand. He preferred Avon’s Skin So Soft, but like you said, some stuff can leave you with an oily feeling. It smells better that Off though.
    Do you find you need to reapply more often while fishing or hunting? Thanks.

    1. My granddad called them skeeters as well Lyn. Miss him so much and can’t wait to talk with him again one fine day. Avon Skin so soft does work but I simply can’t put it on me when I’m hot, sweaty, and have sand on me. This OFF brand does not smell bad at all by the way. While fishing I do have to apply more often because I’m typically in and out of the water. Hunting isn’t as bad as the weather is typically colder and they aren’t as bad.

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