Snake Protection Boots

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Snake Protection Boots

Snake Protection Boots

Nothing concerns me more when I’m frog gigging than moccasins and rattle snakes. I couldn’t tell you how many times my heart has stopped from a coiled rope on the ground or a slap of a twig against my shin. It is very distracting while your trying to focus on keeping a bullfrog in your light and lining up the gig.


It is amazing what a pair of snake boots will do for your confidence, peace of mind, and focus on the task at hand. I know my frog production goes way up when I have a pair of snake boots on.  The odds are low of getting hit but the ramifications of bad luck just one time are far to great to take chances.


Check out this pic of a Cotton Mouth biting my gig with just a head. Outside of perhaps a black mamba, I’m not sure there is a more aggressive snake out there. Take all those documentaries about how cotton mouths are not aggressive with a grain of salt, they are nasty boogers.

Snake boots
Snake Protection Boots

In an effort to stay in the spirit of the affordable hunting and fishing website, I originally thought of promoting snake gaiters versus boots as they are much cheaper. The problem though is the gaps of protection you get from gaiters. The heel and front portion of your foot are prime snake targets for which gaiters will be of no use.

Gaiters are certainly better than nothing and if your budget is such that you have no other option then please go with a pair of gaiters.

For $159 the MuckBoots Woody Sport Armor Cool Hunting Boot is an outstanding choice. The only negative report I have seen on these boots is that it is a good idea to order a half size larger than your normal size.


  • Price, for the quality, you would be hard pressed to find a more economical boot.
  • No laces, much more conducive in keeping water out.
  • All around snake protection, foot and upper.
  •  Easy to take on and off
  • High comfort rating


  • Tend to run a half size small

Please click on this Amazon link and take a look at the MuckBoots Woody Sport Armor Cool Hunting Boot.  It is a highly rated and great option for Snake Protection Boots.


28 thoughts on “Snake Protection Boots”

  1. When it comes to protecting yourself from snake bites one should not cry over price. Comfort yes, price no.

    I own a pair of Arctic Muck Boots for work. Just bought them last winter to try out. So far I am not to sure about Muck Boots.

    You are correct that the size should be larger. This was my first “not sure I’m gonna like these” moment.

    I will say though I do not see one single spot where a snake could penetrate.

    1. Thanks Travis. I’m with you on that, if your frequently in an area where there are poisonous snakes it is best to fund for the best protection.

      What would you recommend on the Muck Boot size? Order half size larger?

      I’m going frog gigging tonight and of course couldn’t find my snake boots before I left Maryland for Florida. So now I will be the guy holding the light and missing out on the fun. Might have to run to Walmart and get a pair of gaiters for a temporary fix.

  2. This is a very good product I think.
    When one wears those boots, one is more confident because one is sure to not get a snake bit.
    Awesome product.

  3. Hi Mark,

    Where newbies like myself are concerned, there’s no sense taking any risks. Pleased I managed to find your recommendation on Snake protection boots.

    Thanks for the info!

    Cheers, Tony.

  4. Good lord Travis I’m with you on snake protection boots. The cost shouldn’t be a factor to protecting yourself from snake bits. Makes my skin crawl just at the thought. 🙂

    I’m not a hunter as the only thing I hunt in a burger from the burger shack. But I do on occasion go with my friends hunting.
    Sure would make me feel better having this protection.

    I’ve heard stories that snakes can strike up to half their length
    That would be taller than these boots, so would you recommend using chaps as well and if so does MuckBoots have them to.


    1. Thanks for the comment Markus, though snakes can strike some distance, it would be very unlikely they would strike higher than these boots assuming you are on flat ground. The chaps are a good idea if you are in water where much of your protection is submerged. It is a myth that cotton mouths can’t bite under water. They are nasty buggers, we gigged three last night, cute the head off of one and with just a head it was biting the gig pole.

  5. I actually live on a farm, and know how important these kind of boots are. Living in Australia, we have some of the most dangerous snakes on earth, so I need the best possible boots. To be honest, price isn’t an issue for me, so I’ll have a closer look at these ones

    1. Thanks Todd, in Australia its more of an issue of live or death than it is here where most of the time its a lost of an appendage from a snake bite as long as you can get to a hospital soon. It just makes since to play it safe.

  6. Yea, I must say. When it comes to safety, price doesn’t matter! I live in a mountain area and there are loads of rattle snakes around. I normally wear steal toed boots, however this doesn’t protect the whole foot nor the lower leg. I was looking for something better and came across this review. I might have to snag a pair of these MuckBoots and give them a try! Thank you!

    1. Your most certainly welcome JohnCWS and thanks for the post. Please come back and leave a review if you purchase a pair. Sounds like your exposed to pine rattlers, they are so well camouflaged and you can walk right up on them without knowing.

  7. Thanks for the info Mark,
    I love the website.
    Living most of my life in Texas I’m familiar with snakes. And if you say I’m better off spending a few more dollars on MuckBoots Woody Sport Armor Cool Hunting Boots, than by golly I’m gonna.
    You do not mess around when it comes to snakes.
    Thanks for sharing Mark.

    1. Appreciate the comment Chris. Love to hear from the Lone Star State, y’all tend to keep the faith out there. I know for sure your well aware of the dangers with snakes in Texas. Please come back soon and glad to hear your going to make it difficult for no shoulders to ruin your day.

  8. Mark,
    Out on a day trip Monday and we ran across a Copperhead just slithering across our path. We were in an open area close to a creek. I took a pic and let it go without bothering it. A pair of snake protection boots would have been handy at this point. Thanks for the information on the size.

    1. Your quite welcome John and glad your encounter went well. What worries me the most is walking in the dark and in high grass/palmettos. Just no way to look before you step.

  9. I always find stuff like this extremely interesting due to my demographic location and the fact we don’t see anything like this over here ( based in Wales in the UK ).
    I’ve never experienced the threat of something like snakes and to be honest with you – it’d probably freak me right out!
    Just by reading a couple of paragraphs is enough to give me a phobia LOL

    1. Thanks for your comment Chris. Wales has always interested me, specifically the early church in Wales which could be argued was the first established Christian church in the British Isles.

      I have lived around dangerous snakes just about my entire life, you learn when to crank up your awareness based on their habitat preferences. I don’t like them but I am willing to leave them alone as long as there is no danger to people that might come across them unawares.

  10. Honestly I had no idea there was such a thing as snake boots. I really enjoyed your post as it was easy to read and not too bloated.. Your pics were good but could have been a bit better quality. I would have loved to click on one to see it bigger.

    Overall though, your site is excellent and I look forward to reading more..


    1. Thanks Stu, I will have to get with my audio/visual expert on the pic qualities. Well, actually that is me, still learning, but keep trying. Please do come back soon.

  11. Snake protection boots is a must for when you are hunting for frogs. Especially in the night when your vision is a bit poor.

    I caught a lot of snakes in my time and also had a couple of dangerous moments. I would love to get some of these boots.

    Do you think that this boots will work for the Gaboon viper as well because this snake has extremely long fangs?

    1. I would think so Viljoen, Gaboon vipers are a nasty snake for sure. I have never heard of a comparison done on fang lengths but a diamondback rattle snake here in the US has very long fangs as well and these boots are effective with them.

  12. Hey! Great post you have created here.
    Very nice to read through and easily understandable. Many things I didn’t know
    about this topic. I will definitely come back to this site.
    I’m sure many people will find this article useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this and have a great day!
    Cheers and good luck

  13. Hi Mark,
    Those are some really nice boots. My husband doesn’t hunt like he used to (yeah, boo), but we have some land by our pond that we are going to start clearing in the next few years. I’m going to see if he wants to order some of these.
    Frog hunting can be dangerous. Back when I was in my early 20’s, my first husband and his friend would go frog gigging in a boat, out on a lake that had a lot of stumps. One time, my husband didn’t see a stump in the water and hit it, just as his friend was about to gig a frog. His friend took a dive into the water. They came back to the house laughing, but that could have been bad.
    ~ Melinda

    1. Yea Melindah, frog gigging isn’t for sissies 🙂 I have had a few close close calls myself. Glad your first husband and his friend only have good memories of the event and not a lasting injury.

      Bet your husband would love these boots for Christmas…would give him a piece of mind while he is cleaning up around the pond.

      Thanks so much for taking a look and God bless you.

  14. I also fear of snakes and it is a natural reflex for most people. The land where I usually go fishing is not a lot of poisonous snakes. In fact, I know of only one poisonous snake viper. But seeing even large non poisonous grass snake I better go on. I had never heard of such boots. I think that certainly it is necessary attribute for hunting on frogs.

    1. They sure are andrejs, particularly if your walking in the dark near water or in high brush. Though I have never been hit by a poisonous snake, I have had friends that did and they nearly lost limbs. Its just not worth the risk.

      Please come back again soon.

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