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Freshwater Bank Fishing Tips

I had a great afternoon fishing in a small canal along the Potomac river and thought I would write this Freshwater Bank Fishing Tips post. The mosquitoes were a bit much, but I had a solution for them here that has never let me down.  Didn’t mind spraying the dry powder on my hot sweaty skin at all. Here is my first stop along the trail.

I took a bait caster and spinning reel with me this trip as I have been curious if there are catfish in the canal. This kind of forced me to slow down a bit while fishing with the rubber worm on the bait caster to give time to try out a live worm on the bottom with the spinning reel. I relearned something I really already knew, it takes a long time to fish a spot thoroughly. Several times I caught a bass on this trip right before I was ready to pull up and move to another spot. I think sitting down helped a bit too, lowers your profile so the fish can’t see you.

The above video answered the question on the catfish, they are in there. I swear that catfish was MUCH bigger than he appears on the video, at least twice as big as the largest bass I caught.  Even the man that was walking by that you can hear in the background would agree. Think I might go back one night with my catfish rig and give it a try. Click here for what I believe to be the best priced rod and reel for catfish. It can handle the big ones.

I tried several different rubber worms during this trip and only one produced. I have read and tried so many reviews of other rubber worms and rigs but always fall back to my favorite to start catching bass. Maybe I’m not doing something right with the others, all I know is my favorite always works. Check out my Bass Worm Fishing post here for hooks, worms and how to tie a Palomar knot.

My camcorder battery died on me after the above video and I had to take a still pic for my last bass included below. I caught several other fish on this trip that I just couldn’t record due to technical difficulties. It was a great day and I fished til the end. During my 1 mile walk back to my truck, in the dark, I was great-full this trip was in Maryland versus Florida. There aren’t many snakes to worry about in Maryland, occasional copper head and rare timber rattler. I didn’t have a flashlight either, had I been in Florida I would have taken precautions. Check this post out if you want to see why and how.
Freshwater Bank fishing tips

















Thanks so much for taking a look at my Freshwater Bank fishing tips post. Please click the Affordable Hunting and Fishing logo below for a fine selection of quality products. God bless y’all.


Bass Worm Fishing

Bass Worm Fishing

Bass Worm Fishing

Like most of y’all, I learned how to catch bass on a rubber worm. The only bait I know of that is more versatile for catching bass is a live shiner minnow.   If your hungry for bass and the goal is to put some meat in the fryer you would be hard pressed to beat live bait, namely shiners.

Bass from favorite fishing spot

If however, you just want to hit the lake and have some fun, nothing beats bass fishing with a worm. The feel of the initial hit, watching him run with your line, and finally setting the hook. It is like nothing else in the fishing world to me.

The grape worm was the king when I was a kid, a tackle box that didn’t have a grape worm was akin to hunting with an unloaded gun. I didn’t think there would ever be another worm that could knock the grape worm off its perch. I WAS WRONG, a few years ago a friend introduced me to the Senko worm after he was catching three bass to my one. I was amazed and still am. On several occasions I have switched back to the old conventional worms while catching fish on the Senko and things shutdown. He also taught me a new way of rigging the worm as well as using an Offset Worm Hook vice the true turns I grew up on . The only variations I use now is whether to use a bullet weight or not. You can order the Senko worms and Offset hooks below, please continue reading for my favorite knot and rigging instructions.

You can’t go wrong using the Palomar knot for a worm rig. It is very strong and leaves a small knot for your worm to go over.


I realize the below instructions may be old news to most bass aficionados but just in case there are others like me that are stubborn about changing, give this a try.

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