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Snake Protection Boots

Snake Protection Boots

Snake Protection Boots

Nothing concerns me more when I’m frog gigging than moccasins and rattle snakes. I couldn’t tell you how many times my heart has stopped from a coiled rope on the ground or a slap of a twig against my shin. It is very distracting while your trying to focus on keeping a bullfrog in your light and lining up the gig.


It is amazing what a pair of snake boots will do for your confidence, peace of mind, and focus on the task at hand. I know my frog production goes way up when I have a pair of snake boots on.  The odds are low of getting hit but the ramifications of bad luck just one time are far to great to take chances.


Check out this pic of a Cotton Mouth biting my gig with just a head. Outside of perhaps a black mamba, I’m not sure there is a more aggressive snake out there. Take all those documentaries about how cotton mouths are not aggressive with a grain of salt, they are nasty boogers.

Snake boots
Snake Protection Boots

In an effort to stay in the spirit of the affordable hunting and fishing website, I originally thought of promoting snake gaiters versus boots as they are much cheaper. The problem though is the gaps of protection you get from gaiters. The heel and front portion of your foot are prime snake targets for which gaiters will be of no use.

Gaiters are certainly better than nothing and if your budget is such that you have no other option then please go with a pair of gaiters.

For $159 the MuckBoots Woody Sport Armor Cool Hunting Boot is an outstanding choice. The only negative report I have seen on these boots is that it is a good idea to order a half size larger than your normal size.


  • Price, for the quality, you would be hard pressed to find a more economical boot.
  • No laces, much more conducive in keeping water out.
  • All around snake protection, foot and upper.
  •  Easy to take on and off
  • High comfort rating


  • Tend to run a half size small

Please click on this Amazon link and take a look at the MuckBoots Woody Sport Armor Cool Hunting Boot.  It is a highly rated and great option for Snake Protection Boots.