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Creek Fishing Videos

I had a great fishing trip up a small creek near the Monocacy Creek Fishing VideosAqueduct in Dickerson, MD and thought I would capture it in these Creek Fishing Videos .

DSCN1038The creek was a very short walk from the Aqueduct parking lot. Just head left down the trail and it is the first creek you come to.

Once you reach the creek you will notice it flows from under a bridge to your right and there is nothing but woods to your left. Look close and you will see a small game trail through the woods to your left. This trail will bring you out to where this picture was taken.  Also, you really don’t see the bridge from the hiking trail, it looks like the creek is just flowing from under the ground.


The following video was taken under the bridge I’m standing on.

These videos were taken just a short walk up the creek.

It was a great time and man how beautiful. Fishing under the bridge was my favorite. The Aqueduct was built sometime between 1829 and 1833 so the bridge I was under would be the same age.

Hope you don’t mind but I had something on my mind all day so I took advantage of having the recorder out and being in such a wonderful place to record it. Off topic a bit from fishing but the setting was perfect. I noticed a major error in the grammar, fecal matter, is what I meant to say. Shame you can edit video recordings.

Hope you enjoyed the post and look forward to hearing your comments. God bless and go fishing.