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Hunting and fishing guides

Hunting and fishing guides


Hunting and fishing guides

If you ever want to have a unique experience, Swamp Honky Outfitters is the place to go. The owner, Judd, and I have recently become friends and I personally guarantee he is good people.Swamp Honky III

I have some video I will upload to this post as soon as I get a fire-wire cable so I can download it from my antique camcorder, so please come back soon to check it out. Includes a gator hunt and frog gigging at Tate’s Hell in North Florida.Swamp Honky I

Jud excels as a guide for gator, duck, deer/hog hunting, fishing, frog gigging, and guided tours where few folks visit. Also, if you want to find out what real gator tastes like, Judd can hook you up, it’s much Swamp Honky IVbetter than the farm raised gator meat you find in the fish markets. Check out his website to set up a hunt, buy some gator meat, and purchase an official Swamp Honky camo T-shirt.

Swamp Honky Outfitters

or call

(850) 251-4007, (850) 926-8620

Business end of a gator
Business end of a gator



Jud is quite the camo painter as well, he did this for me and my cousin. She was a bit hard on the eyes before he did his magic and is now ready for duck hunting.

Thanks so much for reading this Hunting and fishing guides post.



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