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Rod and Reel care

This product could more apply be called Reel magic. I find it to be an essential can to have on the shelf for Rod and Reel care.

Real magic is very effective in addressing line memory. One of the most aggravating things to happen while fishing is not being able to throw your bait where you want  due to your line keeping it’s spool memory when you cast. This is especially true when your reel has been stored for awhile or subjected to temperature changes. You have two choices to address this, purchase more line or spray your line and spool down with Real magic. You will instantly see increased performance in your cast.Rod and Reel care

For saltwater fishing, Real magic is a must. Make sure your spray down everything on your reel and each rod eyelet before you go fishing. Taking this extra step will add years to the life of your fishing gear. I make sure to put a coat on other items as well such as my portable bait aerator, both inside and out.

  • Real magic also provides protection against U.V.
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Is odorless when dry
  • Improves casting distance
  • Reduces icing
  • Prevents spinner baits from sticking
  • Softens and extends line life
  • General all purpose lubricant, non-sticky, non-staining

I promise you won’t be disappointed with REAL Magic and will be quite impressed with its performance.




Freshwater Bank Fishing Tips

I had a great afternoon fishing in a small canal along the Potomac river and thought I would write this Freshwater Bank Fishing Tips post. The mosquitoes were a bit much, but I had a solution for them here that has never let me down.  Didn’t mind spraying the dry powder on my hot sweaty skin at all. Here is my first stop along the trail.

I took a bait caster and spinning reel with me this trip as I have been curious if there are catfish in the canal. This kind of forced me to slow down a bit while fishing with the rubber worm on the bait caster to give time to try out a live worm on the bottom with the spinning reel. I relearned something I really already knew, it takes a long time to fish a spot thoroughly. Several times I caught a bass on this trip right before I was ready to pull up and move to another spot. I think sitting down helped a bit too, lowers your profile so the fish can’t see you.

The above video answered the question on the catfish, they are in there. I swear that catfish was MUCH bigger than he appears on the video, at least twice as big as the largest bass I caught.  Even the man that was walking by that you can hear in the background would agree. Think I might go back one night with my catfish rig and give it a try. Click here for what I believe to be the best priced rod and reel for catfish. It can handle the big ones.

I tried several different rubber worms during this trip and only one produced. I have read and tried so many reviews of other rubber worms and rigs but always fall back to my favorite to start catching bass. Maybe I’m not doing something right with the others, all I know is my favorite always works. Check out my Bass Worm Fishing post here for hooks, worms and how to tie a Palomar knot.

My camcorder battery died on me after the above video and I had to take a still pic for my last bass included below. I caught several other fish on this trip that I just couldn’t record due to technical difficulties. It was a great day and I fished til the end. During my 1 mile walk back to my truck, in the dark, I was great-full this trip was in Maryland versus Florida. There aren’t many snakes to worry about in Maryland, occasional copper head and rare timber rattler. I didn’t have a flashlight either, had I been in Florida I would have taken precautions. Check this post out if you want to see why and how.
Freshwater Bank fishing tips

















Thanks so much for taking a look at my Freshwater Bank fishing tips post. Please click the Affordable Hunting and Fishing logo below for a fine selection of quality products. God bless y’all.


Creek Fishing Videos

I had a great fishing trip up a small creek near the Monocacy Creek Fishing VideosAqueduct in Dickerson, MD and thought I would capture it in these Creek Fishing Videos .

DSCN1038The creek was a very short walk from the Aqueduct parking lot. Just head left down the trail and it is the first creek you come to.

Once you reach the creek you will notice it flows from under a bridge to your right and there is nothing but woods to your left. Look close and you will see a small game trail through the woods to your left. This trail will bring you out to where this picture was taken.  Also, you really don’t see the bridge from the hiking trail, it looks like the creek is just flowing from under the ground.


The following video was taken under the bridge I’m standing on.

These videos were taken just a short walk up the creek.

It was a great time and man how beautiful. Fishing under the bridge was my favorite. The Aqueduct was built sometime between 1829 and 1833 so the bridge I was under would be the same age.

Hope you don’t mind but I had something on my mind all day so I took advantage of having the recorder out and being in such a wonderful place to record it. Off topic a bit from fishing but the setting was perfect. I noticed a major error in the grammar, fecal matter, is what I meant to say. Shame you can edit video recordings.

Hope you enjoyed the post and look forward to hearing your comments. God bless and go fishing.


Fishing for the soul

Anyone that has developed a love for fishing knows what a wonderful reset of you’re brain, heart and soul it is.  Fishing for the soul is better than any medication you could take. I’m in the process of trying to sell a house, live off of a tight budget, involved in a recent auto accident (no one was hurt), and trying to help friends going through difficult times. It started to get stressful and I ran to what I knew I needed to do,  GO FISHING!!

You can click on the image above for a video of my trip. Only caught three fish, but to be honest it wouldn’t have mattered if I hadn’t caught a thing. I talked with God almost the entire time. It was a master reset, I walked back to my rental truck (my truck is in the body shop) with a new spring in my step. Come to find out my perceived problems weren’t an issue after all. The house hasn’t sold yet for a good reason, there is a purpose for me being here, just don’t know what it is yet. The accident is 100 percent covered by insurance, no biggie. The budget is what it is, I’m not hungry and the bills are getting paid. We all go through difficult times, God has placed me where I can help my friends, what a blessing.

And as if God was saying its all okay, I walked up on this fine feathered friend. Was able to watch and record him for quite some time. Sorry for the video quality, I’m still learning and don’t have a go-pro recorder. Thanks Uncle Larry and Aunt GG for the hand held recorder. Couldn’t have done this post without it.

So, if your stressed and you might not even know you are, stop what your doing. Grab a rod and reel and go to the closest body of water near you. Sit down and take your time, look around and see what the real world looks like. It’s not facebook, twitter, or the internet which accounts for some of my stress. We tend to live in an artificial bubble that our body and soul were not designed for. Take my advise and break out of the bubble as often as you can. God bless you and please let me know how fishing has helped you.



Fishing Potomac River Maryland

Fishing Potomac River Maryland

Fishing Potomac River Maryland

Headed down the c&o canal tow path to get as far away from people and park police as possible. I had already found a great spot where an island split the river and we are on our way.  The spot was about a mile from the nearest parking so bikes were in order.

Earlier in the day I had punched holes in canned dog food and put them in an old mesh bag that was tied to the shore to pull the catfish in. The fishing was fun and we did catch a few cats but it was all about getting away where you can hear yourself think and catch up with old good friends.


A fire is a must when you’re cat-fishing at night. It cuts back on the mosquitoes and provides light to bait your hook. Plus, there is just something about a fire that can’t be explained, it puts you right with the world.  The only thing missing was a red bone hound running around. Man, looking at this picture I can honestly say the Atkins diet works well. That’s me in the blue shirt about 22lbs heavier than I am now.

A good tip for a rod holder is to cut a piece of PVC pipe diagonally at one end to create a sharp point. Just drive it in the ground, set your drag, and wait.


If you’re going to have a cigar while you’re fishing, I highly recommend not forgetting a lighter or matches.

Hope to see y’all out there one night, give it a try, you will love it. You just have to make the time. Thanks for reading this Fishing Potomac River Maryland post.