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Gator Population

Gator popluationAnyone that lives in Florida will tell you the Gator population in the state has taken off. They’re  everywhere, enjoying your family pet for dinner and making swimming a little eerie these days. If you want to get an appreciation for how many gator’s there actually are out there, go for a boat ride with a spotlight at night. You will be shocked by the number of orange eyes reflecting back at you. Though attacks are few and far between, gator encounters rarely end well. I personally witnessed the above gator swimming up to check out some kids that were throwing a net in the water at night.

Gator two

Fortunately there are folks the state can call on to address nuisance gators such as Judd pictured above who owns and operates Swamp Honky Outfitters. If you have never ridden along on a gator hunt you are missing out. Exciting doesn’t begin to describe it, check out the Swamp Honky Outfitters website and give Judd a call to see about scheduling a ride along or put in for a gator hunt lottery through the state and Judd will hook you up with a hunt.

Gator caught near Aligator Harbor
Gator caught near Alligator Harbor

I remember growing up you never heard of gators in saltwater, all you had to be concerned with were stingrays and sharks. Not so anymore, Mr. smiley has moved into saltwater and in large numbers. From what I hear they can’t tolerate saltwater indefinitely and must seek freshwater eventually. The gator above was removed from saltwater, gators that hang around saltwater tend to be a bit more aggressive as well.  Not sure why but something about their long term intolerance must explain why they get cantankerous.

20150705_194648 20150705_195219 Big gator

One thing I would like to add in this post is the importance of not feeding gators. Believe me, I think the shower adjusters have gone way overboard regarding feeding things like squirrels, deer and ducks. However, when it comes to gators just keep in mind that by feeding them you may just be responsible for someone getting maimed or killed in the future. Please don’t do it!!

Thanks for reading my Gator Population post and please drop me a comment. God bless and God save America.

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