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Inflatable Fishing Boat Review

Inflatable Fishing Boat Review
Classic Accessories Colorado Boat


My Review of the Classic Accessories Colorado Boat.

If you’re like me, there are those spots you would love to fish that are just out of reach from casting from the shore. You imagine that 8lb mossy back bass right under the branch in the water on the island about 10 yards beyond your cast. That is why I decided to write this Inflatable Fishing Boat Review.

I was right on the verge of purchasing this boat when my cousin found an old aluminum boat with a trailer for $175. I split the cost with him and we put several hours fixing leaks and replacing all the wood on the boat. That is the only reason I didn’t go with the Classic Boat IIAccessories Colorado Boat. Had I not owned a truck to haul the aluminum boat I would have opted for this inflatable.


It is easy to slip into mission creep when looking for a boat to hit those spots that are keeping you awake at night because you can’t reach them. You start thinking about going 5 miles up the river or hitting the channel marker on the other side of the bay. The problem is to get a new boat to do this you’re in the $2,500+ price range. If your disposable funds are limited, keep it simple. Besides, there are many fishing advantages with an inflatable boat over a more expensive one.

At $499 the Classic Accessories Colorado Boat is an excellent alternative to a more expensive option. If it were me and I had a Boat IIIchoice of fishing the hard to reach spots now or wait until I could save big bucks for a full size boat, I would jump on the Colorado Boat.


  • Easy transport, will fit in a car
  • Perfect for spots with limited access
  • Much more affordable than other boat options
  • Comfortable seat with back rest
  • Rod holder
  • Very stable, you’re not going to tip this one over
  • Numerous pockets and drink holders
  • Motor mount and battery basket
  • No need for a trailer or place to store your boat
  • Comes with oars and oar locks
  • Very high ratings on customer reviews

Boat IV


  • Not very maneuverable which is a side affect of its solid stability design
  • A couple reviews reflect a leaky valve or leaky bladder. Easily replaceable though
  • Must be careful if fishing where there are oyster beds, oysters and inflated things are not a good match

Click on the picture link below and check out the Classic Accessories Colorado Boat.

Thanks so much for reading my Inflatable Fishing Boat Review.