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Best Gun Cleaner Lubricant

My favorite gun cleaning lubricant by far is Ballistol Sportsman’s Oil. I believe it to be the best gun cleaner lubricant on the market, especially considering it’s versatility.

Best Gun Cleaner Lubricant
Best Gun Cleaner Lubricant

One of my favorite things in life is to purchase old military guns, at a good price, that need a little TLC.  A couple years back, I was at a gun shop that specialized in curios and relic guns. I noticed how all their guns had a nice look to them and asked how they did it. They pointed to a bottle of Ballistol Sportsman’s Oil.

They informed me that they used it for everything, wood stocks, parts, slings, and inside/outside the barrels. I purchased a bottle and couldn’t wait to get home.  After pulling out my old Lee-Enfield and coating everything down with Ballistol, I was amazed. I had considered re-staining the stock but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. So glad I didn’t as after Ballistol it looked great.

Ballistol’s versatility is quite impressive as well. It is great for cleaning your gun after firing corrosive ammo or in black powder weapons. Ballistol emulsifies with water, is mildly alkaline and neutralizes acids. Here are the mix ratios depending on your applications:

Clean Black Powder Residue – 50% Ballistol, 50% Water

Cleaning corrosive ammo residue – 10% Ballistol, 90% Water

Clean after smokeless/modern ammo – Pure Ballistol

Most other applications – Pure Ballistol

Ballistol is also great for treating leather, I used it on all my leather slings.  Applications include boots, shoes, gloves, holsters, slings & saddles. It protects leather against water and keeps it soft and pliable.

Ballistol has an interesting history which explains it’s versatility. Around the turn of the 20th century, the imperial German army was in need of a universal oil, which was not only suitable for maintaining the metal parts of guns but also for the upkeep and preservation of wooden stocks and leather gear. Chemist, Dr. Helmut Klever, developed Ballistol as the solution. The name comes from combining the technical term ballistics and the Latin word for oil oleum. It was used by the German army from 1905 to 1945.

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