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Rod and Reel care

This product could more apply be called Reel magic. I find it to be an essential can to have on the shelf for Rod and Reel care.

Real magic is very effective in addressing line memory. One of the most aggravating things to happen while fishing is not being able to throw your bait where you want  due to your line keeping it’s spool memory when you cast. This is especially true when your reel has been stored for awhile or subjected to temperature changes. You have two choices to address this, purchase more line or spray your line and spool down with Real magic. You will instantly see increased performance in your cast.Rod and Reel care

For saltwater fishing, Real magic is a must. Make sure your spray down everything on your reel and each rod eyelet before you go fishing. Taking this extra step will add years to the life of your fishing gear. I make sure to put a coat on other items as well such as my portable bait aerator, both inside and out.

  • Real magic also provides protection against U.V.
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Is odorless when dry
  • Improves casting distance
  • Reduces icing
  • Prevents spinner baits from sticking
  • Softens and extends line life
  • General all purpose lubricant, non-sticky, non-staining

I promise you won’t be disappointed with REAL Magic and will be quite impressed with its performance.