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Tecnu for Poison Ivy is the Miracle I have been looking for.

Poison Ivy II

I recently dug up some wild Cherry tree saplings in the woods to transplant. Where these saplings were located was a big problem. As I surveyed the area there was no way to get to the saplings without Poison Ivy IIwading in knee deep poison ivy. It was everywhere, on the ground, and climbing trees with root systems intertwined with all the other vegetation.

I was as careful as possible and dug up two Cherry tree saplings.  I really thought I had pulled it off without getting hit by the poison ivy. That was until the next day. It started off as an annoying itch following by redness and the typical welts.  Two days later as I was driving to Florida, it was unbearable. Every book or site you look at will tell you not to scratch it. That’s like saying don’t sing along to Sweet Home Alabama, some things just can’t be helped.

Within a couple days I had it all over, everywhere I scratched.  Then my sweet daughter came to the rescue. She told me that my son-in-law had a bad case of poison ivy a few months earlier and that someone recommended Tecnue to him and it WORKED!! That’s all I needed to hear, she gave me the bottle and sweet relief came instantly.  I couldn’t believe how fast the pain went away and the quick healing process after using Tecnue.Poison Ivy III

Over the years I have tried everything on the shelf and all the home remedies. Nothing worked, you might get a couple minutes of itch relief but that is it. Actually, the only thing that sort of helped some was vinegar and scratching. It created a different kind of pain which was a relief to some degree.

Make sure you follow the directions. You must wash it off after applications. Skipping this step will result in limited effects. I used it about three to four times the first day and then twice the second day and that was all that was needed.

It is important to have this in your medicine cabinet. If you apply it when you know you have been in contact with poison ivy or poison oak, you most likely will get away with no symptoms.

No need for me to write a list of pros and cons on this review, the pro is it works well and fast, I have nothing to report regarding cons. Please click the link below and give it a try.

 Tecnu for Poison Ivy


10 thoughts on “Tecnu for Poison Ivy”

  1. Awesome
    My wife breaks out at the sight of poison Ivy.
    I be sure and have her test it out. Thanks for the insight.

  2. WAIT WHAT? This exists? I thought you were just going to be patient and wait for it to heal. Like this should be on the news and stuff!!
    Great post, will purchase just in case!
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Well Matt, using the other stuff available is like, being patient and wait for it to heal. Tecnu is the real deal, no joke. Not sure why it isn’t on the news and stuff brother but I’m just glad its out there. Thanks for the comment and best of luck.

  3. Hello! I loved this post since i can relate. I too, break out because of poison ivy but I had no idea that could help. I didn’t even know it existed. I definitely have to purchase this and give it a try. Thank you so much for the recommendation!!

  4. Thanks for the info about poison ivy cure, Tecnu . I will certainly get it and have it on hand as my wife and I are both are highly allergic to that stuff. I really enjoy reading your descriptions of the same kinds of activities that appeal to me. Keep them coming.

  5. Mark, the website is fantastic! Thanks for the reviews of products and techniques that all outdoor sportsmen can easily use and apply.

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