Zebco Saltwater Combo

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Zebco Saltwater Combo

I have fallen in love with the Zebco Saltwater Combo. Specifically, the Zebco 7-foot Hawg Seeker Spinning Reel Fishing Combo. My parents recently gave this combo to me as a gift and I have put it to great use. It is a Redfish slayer.  I captured a pic of the gift givers who are not going to be happy when they find out I included it at the bottom of this post.

This is a solid saltwater rod and reel combo. The reel has a strike Zebco IVsensor which comes in very handy at night when you have your pole in a holder while you’re kicked back in your chair. The sensor can be adjusted for sensitivity depending on wind and current conditions. The casting is very smooth and I can sling a bait 60 yards with this beauty. The spool handles 40lb line easily.

The rod is very sturdy, I have brought in some nice Redfish with the drag set tight and it handled the pressure with no problem. This combo can handle the big ones.

One thing to keep in mind is there are better quality rod and reels out there but you will pay much more for them. If you take care of this combo it will serve you well for many years. All rod and reels need to be taken care of. Don’t store them after fishing in saltwater without cleaning them first. Occasionally, take your reel apart and oil them, clean the drag discs, and replace the line.


  • Price, similar combos start at twice the cost
  • Sturdy combo, can handle large fish
  • Surprising casting ability, I can cast it 60 yards
  • Strike sensor, a must at night when you have multiple lines in the water
  • Overall great feel and smooth


  • Some reviews indicate issues with the strike sensor.  I suspect due to user error.

Give the Zebco Saltwater Combo a try, your won’t regret it.


My parents
My parents, love y’all so much!!

4 thoughts on “Zebco Saltwater Combo”

  1. Mark,
    Comprehensive review of the Zebco Saltwater Combo. Saltwater is not something we have here in the Midwest. Maybe I need to spend some time with my grandson in FL, then he can take me saltwater fishing, something I’ve never done.

    1. Thanks Joe, I have often thought if I had to give up either saltwater or freshwater fishing which would I choose. If you were to remove bass from the equation I would let go of fresh water but I looooove bass fishing. Fortunately, it is only a hypothetical and I never intend of dropping either. Give salt water a try, it is very exciting. By the way, the Zebco Saltwater Combo is perfect for catching fresh water catfish.

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